Monday, 16 January 2012

Where has the old year gone and what have I been up too!

It is a while since I was last on my blog and many life times seem to have passed since then including a very busy Christmas and many hours checking through my daughters degree dissertation. Having three daughters we also like to have our fair share of mimi crises, which has included my eldest daughter realising after many months of hard work she had not sent her electronic copy of dissertation to uni and consequently thought she would get her mark caped and then finding out that my middle daughters school had submitted the wrong predicted A level grades to UCAS. Having finally sorted out all the various problems I though it was finally time to get back to art.

My first activity was a very useful get together meeting with lots of design factory members at the Hub Craft and Design Gallery in Sleaford. It was lovely to meet lots of makers whose work I know but not the artist themselves, it was also good to give each other support, advice and encouragement.

On Saturday my friend and I went to see 'Survivor' the performance collaboration between Antony Gormely and Hofesh Shechter. It was an inspiring thought provoking performance made up of various montages of human isolation and survival. Although in places it was quite complex but the nice man next to us explained the parts we didn't understand afterwards. We both felt we had had an intellectually stimulating afternoon.

After all that tomorrow it's back on with paper work before I can begin my next project.