Tuesday, 5 July 2011

18th Birthday Parties and Proms

18th birthday parties and proms are not good for work. My daughters birthday party arrangements and pre-prom party planning has taken over my life for the last two weeks, I have barely even had time for lunch, but at last they are both over, it didn't rain and hopefully she had a great time.

However I did manage one day off all the madness to go to part one of New Designers which is one of may favorite days out of the year. As always there was some beautiful work by this years graduates. I love the style of work every year by Nottingham Trent University students and this year was as good as ever. I really liked the work of both Lesely Elliott and Hannah Stevens.

I really enjoyed the work in one year on as well and have started saving for a lamp by Katie and the Wolf.

and.... finally I have got back to work today!!!

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