Wednesday, 2 May 2012

New textile fans

Before the Easter break I visited a class of year five children who were making textile pictures of buildings of the old part of town where they live. They had been on a visit taken some pictures and then drawn some sketches. Afterwards they went back to school to start work on their final pieces. Their teacher asked if I could go into school and talk to the children about my work as a local textile artist. I decided to visit the same part of town and do a picture of my own to show the children. It was a lovely visit, the children had loved using textiles and were really enthusiastic. It was obvious that they had all put allot of thought and time into their pictures. When it came to the end of my talk they all asked the most brilliant questions about my work and inspiration and any tips I could pass on to them. I hadn't quite finished my picture so I went back today to show them the finished piece and to look at theirs, I have taken some picture you may all like to see of their wonderful work. Best of all they all gave me a clap when they saw my finished picture ahhh!! I am easily pleased.
I think they are all great, it's really good to see young children engaging with textiles and enjoying it. Hope you know which is mine!!!

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